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No one ever thinks it will happen at their school.

Since 2018,168 schools have had active shooter incidents.

  • 114 people killed
  • 297 people injured

Our Services

Security Assessments

The increase in mass shootings continues. Schools are a primary target, but churches, synagogues, event venues, critical infrastructure, and workplaces are under threat.

We do on-site security assessments that start by meeting with leaders at the district or organizational level. Stakeholders discuss their concerns and clarify their priorities. Then we meet with schools or visit any satellite locations. The deliverable is a final report with recommendations and actionable insights.  Read the paper.

We also offer vendor evaluations of new technologies designed to secure the property and minimize a shooter’s access to students or employees.

AI Security Advantage


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Onsite Security

  • Real-time intelligence from start to finish
  • Alerts on a shooter outside a building as soon as a gun is drawn
  • Cameras are proactive and preventative instead of passive
  • Reduces response time from minutes to seconds
  • Works with existing modern camera systems
  • Helps bridge the hiring gap for SROs and security professionals.

Protecting people and property in k-12 schools, hospitals, colleges, malls, utilities and places of worship.


Cyber Simulations

Phishing is the number one method that bad actors use to breach a system. It’s a low-cost/ high-reward for hackers  – all it takes is an email, a link, and someone to click it.

Working with leadership, we create simulations of common cyber crimes  and track the responses. We build an agreed-upon scenario, write the email text and create the website.  The domain name is similar but not the same.

Then a mass email is sent. The message is always urgent – to change their password, fix an HR problem with a social security number, to confirm a credit card purchase.

The website identifies respondents’ emails but doesn’t allow proprietary information to be entered. Even in a simulation protecting your data is our priority.


Rising Threat Probability

Turbulent times have become our norm. The nation is polarized politically with no end in sight.  Trigger fingers are twitching and discourse is deteriorating.

Climate change, recession, threats to critical infrastructure, ransomware, foreign and domestic terrorism are just a few of the potential threats. A public health crisis shut down the global economy, snarling the supply chain for two years.

We conduct probability assessments on potential threats in a specific geolocation. A weighted ranking is compiled from disparate data points. No one has a crystal ball, but awareness of what may be coming keeps the business from being blindsided. It’s a chance to mitigate risk.

Confidence. Expertise. Commitment.

Who We Are

Foxhole Consulting LLC is a small business in North Carolina. Our CEO, Malcom Lewis is a service-disabled combat veteran with an active TS/TSI clearance.

Security is our priority. The safety of children in our schools and the right to attend events in public spaces without fear. Critical infrastructure, often public/private partnerships – healthcare systems or the power grid – is more vulnerable than ever before.

We understand the threats our country faces. Our job is to identify relevant parameters and assess the probability of an incident.  Extremism, violence, and state-sponsored cyber attacks are increasing. Companies and systems are under constant threat. Employees are not equipped to help prevent or mitigate the risks.

Our company helps clients to prevent what is possible by preparing for the unthinkable.

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