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What We Offer

Leadership Development

Our program focuses on developing emerging leaders,  the future generation . We support the development of young leaders with a diversity of thought, race, and gender that bring a fresh perspective.

Rising Threat Assessment

Reports of violence, extremism, state-sponsored cyber attacks, and critical infrastructure vulnerabilities are on the rise. The country’s way of life is under attack – some silent and secretive, others blatantly apparent.

Cyber Security

Attempts to breach business systems occur with alarming frequency. Ransomware, phishing, and insider influencing are taking a huge financial impact on companies, vendors, customers, and employees.  Prevention must be the priority.

Securing Physical Assets

Physical security puts controls in place to protect on-the-ground assets. Offices, warehouses, event venues, churches, and schools have unique environments. Protecting them, including the people or intellectual property within, requires redundant protocols.

Preparation and Readiness

Without proper documentation – protocols, policies, and procedures – companies increase their risk of liability. Documented plans, policies, and procedures, shared across the company, promote safety and security within the organization. Don’t wait until it’s too late.


Our training catalog offers modules for different levels of the organization. Decision-makers need different information than staff but messaging should be consistent throughout the organization. The majority of our training aligns with our other services.

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Who We Are

Foxhole Consulting LLC is a small business in North Carolina. Our founder and CEO, Malcom Lewis is a disabled combat veteran. He has an M.S. in Homeland Security, Emergency and Disaster Management and a TS/TSI security clearance.

We focus on instilling the importance of value-driven leadership for tomorrow’s leaders. Leading with integrity is how a reputable brand is built.

We also understand the threats our country faces. Extremism, violence, state-sponsored cyber attacks are increasing. The security of business property and systems are under constant threat. Employees are not equipped to help prevent or mitigate the risks.

Our company is designed to help clients meet those challenges.

In combat, decisions must be made in darkness. Leaders are born in those moments, rising above the chaos, finding a way forward. Business is a different kind of battle. We develop leaders who will meet it.

Foxhole Consulting LLC is a veteran-owned and operated firm in North Carolina. Our services include leadership development, rising threat assessment, cyber security, on-ground security, training, and business readiness documentation. We welcome the chance to partner on bids and contracts.

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