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For a unit, a team or a business, leadership defines the integrity of the mission

Foxhole Consulting LLC

We are a small consulting firm in North Carolina focused on driving home the value of leadership. Owned and operated by a combat-disabled veteran, we understand how a leader’s decisions affect the productivity, efficiency, and morale of their people.

Though the concept was in discussion last year, we officially filed in 2022. It was important to define our purpose and the expertise to support it. Every service and solution we offer is to help leaders make good decisions for their company, customers, and employees.

We’re not a big corporate entity with tons of junior staff. Our team is smaller, more agile and we don’t overstaff. We cover everything needed to create secure, sustainable business operations that strengthen opportunities and mitigate risk.

Our bench includes SMEs with qualitative insights and proven leadership in their field.  From risk assessments to cybersecurity simulations, we deliver the right people and the right expertise. Team building is a priority and we offer bundled documentation – plans, policies, procedures – for emergency preparedness and business continuity.

We maintain a culture of honesty and integrity. Leadership without ethics is unviable. Our quotes are written, the SOW is clearly defined and our work products are high quality. If at any time customers have a question or concern, our CEO is available to address it.


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Malcom Lewis Full Dress


  • Bronze Star Medal (3rd Award)
  • Meritorious Service Medal (2nd Award)
  • Army Commendation Medal (3rd Award)
  • Army Achievement Medal (7th Award)
  • Navy Achievement Medal (2nd Award)
  • Joint Meritorious Unit Award Army Superior Unit Award
  • National Defense Service Medal (3rd Award)
  • Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal Afghanistan
  • Campaign Medal-Campaign Service (3rd Award)
  • Iraq Campaign Medal-Campaign Star Global War on Terrorism Service Medal (2nd Award)
  • Armed Forces Service Medal
  • NCO Professional Development Ribbon (3rd Award)
  • Armed Forces Reserve Medal NATO Medal (2nd Award)
  • Combat Action Badge Recruiter Badge – Gold Recruiter Badge – Sapphire Achievement Star


Emergency Management Institute

  • FEMA: IS-00800.c
    National Response Framework, Introduction
  • FEMA: IS-00075
    Military Resources in Emergency Management
  • FEMA: IS-00200.b
    ICS for Single Resources and
    Initial Action Incident, ICS-200
  • FEMA: IS-00315
    CERT Supplemental Training:
    The Incident Command System
  • FEMA: IS-00393.b
    Introduction to Hazard Mitigation
  • FEMA: IS-00860.c
    The National Infrastructure Protection Plan,
    An Introduction


Trident University Chandler, AZ United States M.S degree 7/2021

Major: Homeland Security, Minor: Emergency and Disaster Management
Honors: Magna Cum Laude. GPA: 3.87 of a maximum 4.00

Trident University International Cypress, CA, USA; B.S. 2 /2020

Major: Homeland Security Minor: Criminal Justice Administration.
Honors: Magna Cum Laude; GPA: 3.69 of a maximum 4.00


  • Basic Military Mountaineering, 2000
  • Action Officer Development Course, 2004
  • Airborne School, 2004
  • Senior Leader Course (SLC), 2005
  • First Sergeant Course, 2009
  • Advanced Leader Course (ALC), 2005
  • Unit Movement Officer Course, 2005
  • US Air Force Airlift Planner, 2006
  • Professional Leadership Development

About Malcom Lewis

Malcom Lewis was born in St. Thomas in the U.S Virgin Islands and raised in St. Kitts, West Indies. From an early age, he was taught the value of integrity, working together and helping others – the essential qualities of leadership. In 1990, he moved to the mainland and joined the United States Army.

Mr. Lewis is a U. S. Army Master Sergeant, Ret. He is a disabled combat veteran who holds a Master’s Degree in Homeland Security, Emergency, and Disaster Management. He holds a TS/TSI clearance.


OPERATIONS MANAGER, US Army Material Support Command-(USAMSC-K)

Republic of Korea – 03/2014 – 03/2015

Brigade Operations Sergeant for a deployed Sustainment Brigade operating in a Combined/Joint environment in the Republic of Korea. Advised senior leadership and staff on the status, development, coordination, and implementation of all field training exercises, inspections, weapons qualification ranges, land use, logistical management, including Military Transitioning Team (MTT) courses. Duties described below:

Operations & Logistics:

Managed distribution of orders and all publications and annexes for roughly 3,300 US Soldiers, coordinating across the Korean Augmentation to US Army, Department of Defense Civilians, and Korean Service Corps personnel. Responsible for area of operations security, personnel preparedness, and sustainment of over 70% of the ROK coastline.


Liaised for the US Forces Korea, Eighth Army, and the Republic of Korea’s (ROK) 2nd Operational Command (2OC), a four-star command. Established performance standards and evaluated subordinates. Received complaints and attempted to resolve grievances on an informal basis. Provided the commander information and decision briefs for command-level events. Responsible for the health and welfare, mentorship, administrative guidance regarding professional development programs, policies, and overall operational goals.

Planning & Administration:

Provided guidance, training, and mentorship to meet the Commanders’ intent in the execution of command level activities. Ceremonies and special events to include but are not limited to change of command ceremonies, retirement ceremonies, organizational day, and Continuity of Operation Plans (COOP). Served as the advisor to the Operations Officer; provided updated status reports and analysis of activities regarding personnel and all field training operations.

Training & Coaching

Identified training and development needs, established training plans and provided formal and informal training as required. Developed, planned, and coordinated weapons qualification training and coached personnel on training ranges to achieve 100% qualification. Initiated various requests for personnel actions such as promotions, reassignments, training, performance-based awards, disciplinary, etc.

Coached, mentored and Instructed organizational leadership on how to conduct professional military ceremonies. Mentored and provided leadership, technical advice, and administrative guidance and instructions regarding Warfighting programs, objectives, policies, procedures, mission analysis, course of action, problem-solving, and coordination of activities.

OPERATIONS MANAGER, US Army 26th Field Artillery

Fort Bragg, NC – 03/2014 – 03/2015

Selected by Command Sergeant Major, over 16 senior officers, and 1 Master Sergeant to service as First Sergeant for the Delta Battery, 26th Field Artillery (Target Acquisition). Developed and implemented rigorous training programs related to physical fitness, tactical and technical skills, logistics functions, and leadership development. Duties described below:


Recognized for clear and focused leadership during reintegration training for personnel into their organic unit upon redeployment; dedicated to enforcing the unit’s SHARP Sexual Harassment/Assault Response & Prevention program. Provided program guidance and set goals and objectives for the Target Acquisition support operations and training programs of the Battalion. As NCO Development Program Manager developed several Leadership Development Course graduates, two of which achieved the Commandant’s List. Developed and presented an effective Noncommissioned Officer Professional Development Program that focused on operational policies and practices knowledge and the competence of assigned junior supervisors (NCOs.)

Operations & Logistics:

Assisted the Commander during the unit inactivation; maintained the accountability and transfer of over $37M worth of equipment to two separate units within 21 days. Provided support to Brigade Command by coordinating the successful turn-in of over $10,000 worth of equipment during Brigade training exercise. Revised the Battalion RADAR Certification plan which was adopted by the 82nd Airborne Division and as the official certifying doctrine. Reviewed and approved milestones for major inspections and audits from higher headquarters, inspections, and staff assistance visits to Units.

Management & Supervision:

Monitored the status of projects and actions and advised the Battery Commander in all administrative and logistical tasks. Planned and directed personnel to maintain force readiness to ensure the support of two Division Joint Operations Training Exercises, one Out-load Support Exercise, and one JRTC rotation. Reviewed the work for overall effectiveness, clarity, and conciseness. Managed and supervised all aspects of the organization’s DTMS Defense Training Management System and Medical Protection System (MEDPROS) records. Motivated and encouraged career progression for Soldiers applying for tuition assistance and related packages which led to enrollment in Associates and Bachelor Degree programs.

Training & Coaching

Managed a broad spectrum of programs to support the development and compliance of individual soldier accountability and development: Profile Management Supervisor (NCO), Sergeant’s Time Training Supervisor (NCO), Training Standards (NCO), and Family Care Plan Supervisor in Charge (NCOIC).  Ensured program compliance and conducted inspections – working directly with Soldiers to ensure Family Care program requirements were met in a timely manner.


OPERATIONS MANAGER, US Army 321st Field Artillery Regiment

Fort Bragg, NC – 07/2010 – 02/2012

Platoon Sergeant for a Field Artillery Battalion with the 82nc Airborne Division, Army Crisis Response Force; Supervised the platoon’s ability to maintain operational capabilities, occupation of the position, and overall maintenance and proper handling of equipment. Prepare for Rapid Response deployment in a crisis event.

Management & Supervision

Directly supervised three section chiefs and served as primary enlisted assistant to the command. Performed projects and studies relating to taskings, contingencies, and emergency missions levied on the battalion.  Assisted in developing and evaluating procedures, organization structures, staffing patterns, and resources to ensure that all issues are considered in the decision-making process. Evaluate requests for support before assignment to a subordinate organization.

Operations & Logistics

Responsible for ensuring 100% success of many short-fuse, rapid response projects related to training and other exercises. Assisted in the establishment of the Battalion Tactical Operations Center during exercises or actual emergencies and coordinated military personnel actions for the duration of the exercise or emergency. Manage $250,000 worth of training and office equipment. Coordinated plans with all supporting elements; assisted in reviewing, coordinating, and decision-making for the conduct of various tasks. Coordinated, and carried out the various steps to complete the taskings. Resolved issues pertinent to taskings between organizations.


Helped obtain and analyze the history of training achievements, establish goals, and enroll in classes, courses, and programs. Prepared and maintained records, files, and materials. Maintained liaison with activities conducting, scheduling, or supporting training requirements. Coordinated and scheduled events and facility use. Requested course quotas; monitored formal training process; and maintained records of course attendance, completions, and costs. Managed automated systems and products, measurement tools, multimedia and oversaw qualification training programs, and enrollment in the Army Distance Learning program (TADLP).

Training & Coaching

Ensured that units were informed of, and followed, strict safety policies and use of safety aids. Served as professional development training program coordinator. Coordinated training materials and services. Conducted work center visits, and assisted supervisors in organizing programs to develop and conduct job site training. Advised on unit and individual training progress; identified training providers, capabilities, and resources, and ensured availability of materials.


Leadership is learned under fire – integrity, honor, and teamwork in hazardous environments – prepares us for life after war.

  • Bosnia 1994 12 months Unit B 2/3 FA GE
  • Iraq 2006 15 months Unit 1/319TH FA FT Bragg
  • Afghanistan 2010 12 months 3/27th FAR HIMARS
  • Afghanistan 2012 10 months D/26TH TAB

Advocacy for Disabled Veterans is Our Cause

Far too many veterans do not receive the disability benefits they deserve. Not because they were denied, but because they didn’t file.

The process used to be very complicated, but it has since been streamlined. There is no deadline for applying for and receiving disability from the VAFind out about eligibility.


  • You can file a claim with 180-90 days left on active duty
  • A post-service claim can be made at any time, but the process gets more complicated the longer you wait to file.
  • Specific disability benefits are available for Gulf War veterans.
  • A Fully Developed Claims program can expedite the process.
  • If secondary conditions occur, you can request additional compensation.

We offer pro-bono services to assist veterans who are eligible for disability but haven’t claimed it.


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