Stop the Shooter Before They Fire

We’ve all seen the tragedies play out at schools across the country. The video surveillance at the Covenant School shows the shooter blowing out the glass doors to enter the building. She has an AR-15 slung over her shoulder as she heads for the school.

How is it that no one noticed her walking through the parking lot carrying a long gun?

The school’s cameras caught her at the doors, but for some reason, video of her parking her van and walking up to the building wasn’t published. Was the film edited or were their gaps in the camera coverage?

In 20 Seconds


What’s Wrong with Video Surveillance

There are roughly 70 million surveillance cameras in use today. About 1% of them are monitored live. That means 99% of video surveillance cameras are passive, not preventative. All they can do is bear witness to an active shooter after the fact.

Even if the cameras are monitored, the value of the labor costs is debatable. Human beings sitting for hours, watching multiple screens from multiple cameras, is the prelude to burnout. After just 12 minutes, their ability to maintain focus drops. After 45 minutes, staff will miss 95% of the activity on the screen.

AI views, analyzes, and responds to footage, 24/7, no burnout

Surveillance cameras

How AI Visual Gun Detection Works

Omnilert has a four-step process to identify a gun, verify the threat, send notifications, and provide real-time intelligence for law enforcement and school leadership.

  1. Threat recognition The system is trained to recognize guns, handguns, and long guns, in the hands of a human. They aren’t concealed or holstered, their appearance implies a threat. The gun threat is identified within seconds. (The system can differentiate between guns and handheld objects like cell phones.)
  2. Threat Verification The next step is threat verification. The image is instantly sent to a pre-determined group of decision-makers to confirm the threat. Does bringing human beings into the picture slow things down? Perhaps by a few seconds, but these individuals are prepared for this decision and see only a single image. Verification ensures threat notifications are sent with 100% accuracy.
  3. Active Shooter Alerts The system notifies a pre-determined set of people, such as SROs, law enforcement, and school officials. The alert is sent by Omnilert or via an integration with the location’s existing system, such as Raptor or Rave. The notification includes an image of the shooter, shows the type of weapon they’re holding, and his or her location on the property (based on the camera feed.)
  4. Lockdown Begins This initiates safety protocols and lockdown procedures at the school, Law enforcement is aware of the shooter within seconds, as opposed to minutes. The shooter’s movements continue to be tracked, providing Real-time intelligence for officers they pursue and subdue the shooter.

Omnilert identifies a threat before a shot is fired.

Omnilert Visual Gun Detection System

Why Omnilert?

The biggest advantage Omnilert has to offer is making real-time intelligence available before, during, and after an incident. That information not only shortens response time, but it also protects law enforcement during their pursuit of the shooter.

Omnilert does not attempt to deploy any facial recognition. The system is used to identify guns, not individuals.

The system eliminates dependence on expensive, inefficient human surveillance monitoring systems. There is already a shortage of security professionals,  their skills are better used than sitting in a room, staring at surveillance screens.

Audio detection systems that alert on the sound of gunshots can’t provide location, type of weapon, etc. There is nothing preventative – the system only alerts after shots are fired. Omnilert is proactive, alerting on the gun, not the gunshot.

Security gates are typically deployed at one main entrance. Like at the airport, they catch concealed weapons.  The searches are usually conducted by available staff, not SROs. Unfortunately, the shooter can simply avoid the gate and find another point of entry or shoot their way in.

Test it Out for Free

The Omnilert AI Visual Gun Detection system connects to your existing cameras. It can also integrate with other systems you’re already using, like Raptor or Splunk. Working with your IT team, we can set up a fully operational system at the location of your choice.

Test it for a day, a week, a month. You can’t unsee it.


See a Demo at your Job

If you’d prefer to see a simple demo, Foxhole Consulting will bring the system to you. We’ll set it up at your office, a parking lot or a PTA meeting. We’ll provide the system, hook it up to a camera, and display the findings on a big screen. 

We provide plastic guns for your guests/employees to test the system. Feel free to try and trick it. We’re ready. 

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