Protecting Event Venues

Rising Threats

We’ve all seen the horror stories on the news – mass shootings at concerts in public spaces and private venues. As extremism increases, so does the potential for violent acts.  Planned violence rarely happens without a series of warning signs.

The question is, will you see them in time?

It’s not just deliberate acts of violence that can kill. When crowds surge toward the stage, they can squeeze the air out of people’s lungs and trample the people who fall. The noise factor from performers, as well as the crowd, often slows the response.

The safety of ticket holders, players, students, and performers is at risk.

Event venues have unique security issues:

  • Transient employees and vendors
  • Little or no preparedness training
  • Large crowds difficult to direct/control
  • “It won’t happen here” syndrome

How We Help

Threat Assessment: We look at your space or venue for incursions or threats, as well as analyze hazards, disasters, or attacks, based on geolocation, audience identity, and security protocols. This includes parking lots and tailgating protocols.

Readiness Strategy: There is so much turnover in these spaces, many on-site employees and vendors receive no preparation for an intrusion or disaster. We map your onboarding process to find solutions for delivering information digitally, establishing an alert system and creating response teams.

Custom Training Curriculum: After meeting with your team, we develop a custom training plan and delivery system for employees and vendors.

Emergency Response: We explore the controls around access to performers, including VIP areas and general crowd control standards. We help you prevent surges and establish a warning system that is not overcome by noise.

Cyber Protection: Keeping systems secure is challenging enough. But the more third parties that are connected to them drastically increases your risks. Our holistic cyber security assessment takes the entire platform into consideration.

Physical Access Controls

Despite the challenges posed by crowds, concessionaires, and workers, it’s important to implement an authentication system.  Knowing who belongs where and who doesn’t belong at all helps security personnel do their job.

Security can’t prevent issues without systemic controls.

When an event is hosted, there is an influx of roadies, media, family members, and VIPs. How are they vetted? What controls are in place to allow them proper access? Without a system, security personnel can be put in awkward situations when dealing with unidentified guests in non-public spaces.

Establishing clear boundaries during the event, especially in zones around stages, sidelines, or the entry and exit for players and performers is essential. It is a preventative measure that minimizes the potential for fans, performers or players to be hurt.

When controls are in place, the event runs more smoothly and safely.

Security professionals cannot be expected to do their jobs well without systemic controls. If you’ve invested in hiring, you can honor that investment by providing the tools they need.

Controlling the security within the space, with clear visual cues as to who belongs where is one of the best preventative measures the venue can take.

How We Help

Access Analysis: We identify the different groups of people with non-ticketed access and map them to color-coded access areas. Then we look at the security protocols for controlling and protecting access to those areas.

Access Identification System: We help you design a non-intrusive, color-coded system for security or staff to visually identify the right of an individual to be in a specific area.

Situational Awareness Training:  We will offer this in-person training for security staff and venue managers. We can also make the training available remotely for concessionaires, employees, and vendors.

Protocols and Procedures: Without proper documentation of security practices, there is increased risk of liability. We review your documents for gaps or create new documents if they’re needed.

Security Training

The potential for security breaches or malicious actors poses a significant threat to events in public and private spaces. While no one can anticipate every possible threat, we can help prepare you for some of the most common.

The potential for chaos and injury rises when people are not trained on how to respond.

The goal is always to take preventative action to minimize security breaches, but decision-makers and security staff need to prepare for a worst-case scenario.

Our training catalog includes multiple workshops to help with an emergency response.

Our training catalog includes multiple workshops that address preparation for an unforeseen act, malicious or accidental.

Knowing how to respond is a critical piece of protecting your space and the people in it.

How We Help

  • Securing Physical Assets: How to establish security parameters
  • Cyber Security: In today’s interconnected world, bad actors don’t have to show up in person.
  • Situational Awareness: Offered in person or remotely
  • Active Shooter Training: Modules for leadership and staff
  • Emergency Preparedness: This training is designed for catastrophic events, natural and man-made.
  • Team Building Workshops: This training focuses on collaboration and communication, essential skills in an emergency.
  • Crisis Response Protocol: Includes natural and man-made events 


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