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Security Consulting

Our objective is to build a culture of security. We assist clients in designing systems to mitigate risk, encourage safety, identify vulnerabilities, assess threat probability, and empower staff to keep the building safe. 

On Site Security Assessments

If you’ve never had your facility assessed for vulnerabilities, we work with clients to implement a walk-thru of the location or locations. For schools, places of worship, hospitals, or a workplace, this simple step reduces risk and liability.

University Campus Assessment Model

A college/university campus is similar to a small city. The assessment must be conducted differently than standard K-12 models. We’ve built a model that captures the unique challenges of keeping students, faculty, and staff safe.

Plans, Policies and Procedures

Documentation is how security is managed but rarely receives the priority it deserves. We review and update policies, plans, and procedures. An evaluation is done to examine clarity, ensure contacts are current, and look for conflicts between plans and procedures. We create documents if needed and set up versioning systems for better controls.

Security Training Catalog

The training we offer parallels our security services. We provide Active Shooter, Situational Awareness, Emergency Preparedness, and See Something, Say Something. Where appropriate, we use role-based modules, tailored to different levels in the organization’s hierarchy.

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We offer an AI visual gun detection system – learn more.

Cyber Safety

Cyber risk is a component of every decision leadership makes. It’s not just the responsibility of the CTO or CIO, everyone must be prepared to keep company systems secure. Who is guarding the gates?

Executive Cyber Ed Sessions

Understanding the basics of cyber security begins with the terminology. To understand the risk you need to know threats. We offer private training sessions, in person or remote, to cover the basics. There are additional briefs on technology basics of blockchain, ChatGPT and artificial intelligence.

Cyber Simulations

Cyber simulations are conducted to understand the security baseline of an organization. We engage staff through phishing emails linked to fake websites and document the response. Other simulations test chatbot responses, QR codes, and money transfers.

Plans, Policies and Procedures

Policy is critical to protecting systems and data. Every vendor on your platform is a possible backdoor. There should be clear cybersecurity parameters in their agreements. BYOD protocols leave companies vulnerable to every app on an employee’s phone or laptop. We audit for vulnerabilities, provide recommendations and update documentation

Cyber Crime Prevention Training

We provide training on Cyber Crime Prevention Ransomware, Scams & Frauds, Social Engineering, and Insider Threats. Where appropriate, we use role-based modules, tailored to different levels in the organization’s hierarchy.

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We can deliver a full suite of cyber security tools and services – learn more

Threat Probability Assessment

Understanding the threat environment, particularly in today’s divisive culture has become a necessary security protocol. A combination of standard and customized parameters are assessed  to identify incident probability.

Threat Probability Assessment

We set 7 standard parameters for the assessment and encourage clients to customize the assessment with 3 additional fields. The assessment looks at the threat activity at the facility’s geolocation. If a client has multiple locations, we will bundle them into the assessment.

Local, State, Regional Threat Environment

These assessments take a broader look at the potential threat environment. We use our 7 parameters for the evaluation and incorporate relevant industry insights. The assessment is specific to a chosen area, municipal, county, state, or region. A report with actionable insights is the deliverable.

Business Continuity & Preparedness

The resilience of a company is dependent on it’s ability to withstand an emergency that interferes with it’s core functions. Understanding the gaps in preparedness and taking preventative actions may be the reason a company stays in business. We develop response plans for an unexpected shutdown  and identify key breaking points in the shutdown’s timeline to maintain staff .

Research & Reporting

Staying current on the threat posture for both physical and cyber takes resources. Our researchers are for staff to retain focus on core business functions. We research and report on potential threat topics that raise concerns. The research parameters and report objectives are reviewed and approved by the client.

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We offer military-grade mapping technology to help first responders navigate your building – learn more

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