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Safety of Students & Faculty

As of Dec 2022, there have been 35 school shootings this year alone. The grief and horror at the loss of so many young lives have galvanized the country. Guns are the leading cause of death among American children and teens.

But if it’s one thing we’ve learned, thoughts and prayers aren’t enough to stop the next one. Angry people always reveal themselves.

We can’t prevent every attack, but we can prepare.

A system approach starts by looking at a district overall and assessing risks and gaps at a higher level. Then the evaluation goes to the schools themselves, looking at blocks and workarounds that need to be addressed.

How We Help

Active Shooter Training: We offer a training for leadership to help them plan their response, as well as a training for staff.

Crisis Response Workshops: Every institution is vulnerable to threats and disasters – natural or man-made. This workshop walks through different scenarios, recommending a response plan for each.

 Exercises and Simulations:  We create shooter on site scenarios to test the response of leaders and staff.

Policies and Procedures:  Documentation of a threat or disaster response reduces the risk of liability. We write any documents you need, based on law enforcement  and government agency recommendations,

Rising Threat Assessment: Your location’s surrounding environment can provide advanced warning of a potential attack. We assess, analyze and report on specific criteria, including social media, that may help you foresee an attack.

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Cyber Security

Securing Your Systems

The data stored in your systems include proprietary personal information on students and faculty.  Depending on how the system is set up, it may include medical information for specific individuals.

Smaller institutions may have less money to invest, but using your budget wisely can help protect the institution. There are some basic steps to protect yourselves from bad actors.

For colleges and universities, the risk is getting higher every day.

Lincoln College, a small rural campus in Illinois was forced to shut down after a ransomware attack. North Carolina A&T State University reported a breach in March of 2022. North Orange County Community College District reported a breach in January. California’s Ohlone Community College and Nebraska’s Midland University in Nebraska also reported ransomware attacks this year.

According to Forbes, ransomware is the most frequent type of cyber attack in the higher education space, costing institutions an average of $112,000 in ransom payments.

That doesn’t include any legal fees, lawsuits, regulatory penalties and damage to brand reputation.

Ransomware is a hacker tactic to attack your system and encrypt access to all the files and data it contains. It’s a hostage situation. Despite claiming a ransom will restore access to the system, they sometimes steal the data anyway from behind the encryption.

The more third-party users connected that are to your system, the more backdoors there are to your system. The average cost per record in a breach has risen to $245.

 How We Help

In-House Cyber Assessment: We review the system security within your hosting platform. The point is to identify gaps and potential backdoors for hackers to gain entry. We provide a report with recommendations and actionable insights.

Systemic Purge of Dormant Accounts: Dormant accounts represent students or faculty who have left the school. They should no longer have access and  can pose a security threat- even unintentionally. We help you design a process for systematically removing their system accounts.

Third-Party Connectivity: Schools typically outsource some of their functions to third parties, like payment processors.  We review their security protocols and the timeline for reporting a breach to clients.

Cyber Security Training: We offer two modules. There’s a workshop for leaders on ransomware, business continuity and legal obligations regarding a timely response. The second is cyber security training designed for staff and managers.

Cyber Simulations: We create a spoof website, similar to a site familiar to students and faculty. Then we send a series of phishing emails to see how many click the link. We also simulate emails to IT staff trying to influence them to provide their credentials.

Policies and Procedures:  Security documentation reduces the risk of liability by demonstrating intent to protect the platform. We write any documents you need, based on law enforcement  and government agency recommendations,

Team Building

Building Better Teams

Every organization owes its achievements to teams of people who get the work done.  How well those teams perform will affect the bottom line.

The pandemic created massive changes in how schools function. Now that they’ve been lifted,  it’s back to business but are people ready to reconnect?

Can your people simply fall back into the old routine? Maybe, but maybe not.

When we talk about teams, we also need to acknowledge the need for leadership development. We believe in building emerging leaders. They’re not always high enough in the organization to be tapped for leadership training. Yet they are a source of talent the organization shouldn’t waste.

It’s our goal to help institutions look to the future by building strong teams and developing the people to lead them.

Team building encourages collaboration, builds problem-solving skills and identifies areas for skill training and support.

Emerging leaders aren’t always recognized within the organization but they will be driving the future. The need for diversity of thought, differing perspectives via gender and ethnicity, along with youthful engagement will be key to future sustainability.

How We Help

Team Building Workshops:  We offer teams a dual module workshop. A separate module for the team leader and one for the team members. Then they come together for a problem-solving exercise that must be completed within 60 minutes.

Change Management Training:  Understanding how to manage change is a key part of the post-pandemic environment. What used to be a standard routine may feel different. This class helps to get people back on board.

Emerging Leaders Workshop: This interactive workshop is designed to help leaders develop standards and values. We work collaboratively to define leadership, discuss leadership styles and skills. We offer an online game for attendees to practice decision-making and see the impact of their choices.

Crafting a Company Vision: This is unique training exercise that complements the emerging leaders workshop. It defines the process for building their vision for the company.

Risk Assessment Training:  Learning how to evaluate risk and reward is a necessary skill for leaders at every level. This class walks them through the process, helping them to evaluate variables and choose the best actions.



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