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Most businesses and social environments have limited systems to secure their space. Offices typically have tighter controls than a church or a farm. But many have no way to identify who’s in the building or even to quickly know who belongs in the building.

Without that knowledge, far too many scenarios can play out unhindered. Imagine a security breach by an active shooter or a bad actor committing corporate espionage.

Security threats can be from external sources, a disgruntled employee, or a terminated former employee.  Despite increasing workplace violence, staff may not be equipped to challenge or report someone who shouldn’t be in the building.

Parking lots, public spaces, file rooms, and any office that has paper copies of intellectual property should be secured.

We focus on strengthening controls to increase prevention.

Our Services

Onsite Security Assessment: It’s important to visit your location and see how traffic flows through it. We meet with leadership first, then do a walk through at all locations to evaluate the response to circumstances. A review of their security procedures compares to what happens on the ground. The deliverable includes findings and recommendations to mitigate risk.

Security Technology Evaluation: Mass shootings have become an epidemic. We evaluate new tools and technologies that will help you keep your school, church, or workplace safe. Our initial meeting captures your priorities, we match the best solutions, report on pros and cons, and include value/cost comparison for your location.

Plans & Policies Review: Prevention is the first tenet of keeping your business secure and mitigating liability. We review existing plans for gaps or workarounds and recommend revisions to strengthen them. If no plans are in place, we will work with you to develop documentation.

Rising Threats

Every day we hear of another violent attack in a public space, a place of worship, a store, a school, or a workplace. Those are just the ones we see happening.

Extremists used to be limited to foreign nation-states but domestic terrorism is on the rise. Outside the public eye attacks on critical infrastructure, the food supply, and the electric grid are rising. Our dependence on technology is an opportunity for state-sponsored cyber-attacks and other bad actors.

Some threats are apparent – we see them on the news. Others like the global COVID pandemic catch us by surprise.  That surprise cost the economy billions.

Preparedness is not paranoia. Bombs, mass shootings, damage to the grid, sabotage of an undersea internet cable, or ransomware attacks – sadly these are times we’re living in.

Threat analysis and risk mitigation are what we have to offer.

Our Services

Threat Probability Study: An evaluation of the threat conditions that relate to your business and geolocation supports risk mitigation. We collect a  relevant data points,weight them and rank them. We produce a report that outlines problematic 

Executive Threat Education: Many companies perceive threats as a specific attack on their property or systems. This limits their ability to prepare for external events that can have a devastating impact on business operations. This workshop looks at possible threat scenarios, with discussion about a proactive response.

Response Plan Assessment:  We review existing threat response plans to identify gaps and resources to support the response. We also build response plans for active threats. Exercises or simulations are used to test the plan.

Situational Awareness Training: Assessing the environment, in and around the workplace is a learned skill. If “See Something, Say Something” is to be helpful, there needs to be a shared understanding of how to pinpoint suspicious activity. Where to share that information needs to be clear and people who report (even if it’s not relevant) need to be supported.

Cyber Safety

Cybersecurity should a top priority for all businesses, government agencies, public facilities, and utilities. Do not assume your company is too small to be hacked – bad actors just consider you an easy target.

Ransomware attacks continue to rise, particularly in the healthcare and financial services industries. The cost can be as high as $499 per record, and that’s before the lawsuits, loss of revenue, customers, and reputation.

Minimizing cyber attacks begins with education. Employees need ongoing training to avoid common cyber scams. Effective policies and procedures that demonstrate the company’s intent to protect against attacks mitigate risk and reduce liability.

Proper controls on how the system should be used can be established by IT administrators. Limiting remote access, removing dormant accounts, and disabling access to personal accounts makes sense. Also rethinking policy on Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) will tighten security.


Our Services

Executive Cyber Education: We conduct workshops for non-technical decision-makers to better understand the threats and how to mitigate the risk. No geek speak, all about protecting your business.

Cyber Simulations: Employees go through training, but does it stick? Phishing is the number one tool to hack a system. We set up a simulation of a phishing email and a spoofed website to test employee response.

Cyber Security Training: This is a 90 minute class on what NOT to do and on how to minimize the threats by internal or external bad actors.



Emergency Preparedness

Resilience is key to a sustainable business.  Leaders must rapidly respond to circumstances beyond their control. Risk mitigation requires a plan and a team to execute it.

The COVID pandemic was a slow-moving emergency with long-term results that few if any businesses saw coming. It was a much-needed wake-up call. An extended status quo can lead to complacency which will leave a company scrambling to survive without a contingency plan.

Leaders must be developed to respond decisively and urgently to changing conditions.  Critical thinking, problem-solving, and a willingness to chart a credible path forward, even in trying times. 

We will prepare them.

Our Services

Rapid Response Teams:  We help identify and train teams to respond in an emergency. There may be multiple teams, determined by expertise and its relevance to the disaster.

Contingency Planning: Not everything can be predicted but we conduct brainstorming workshops to avoid complacency. We group categories of unforeseeable disasters and look at how they would impact operations. This allows us to identify possible solutions.

Risk Assessment and Mitigation: Risk is an intrinsic part of operating a business. Companies need to be equipped to assess and recognize acceptable risks versus those that threaten their sustainability.



More Services

new construction

Security for New Facilities

Security shouldn’t be an add-on. We review designs to evaluate security before it gets built.

Plans, Policy & Procedures

We can create, update or manage the documents that keep your business resilient and operational. 


Our training materials align with our services. The classes are modular, with different content for different levels of the organization.


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